Juicy Bag - Juicy Couture Inspired Studded Hobo -lavender

Juicy Bag - Juicy Couture Inspired Studded Hobo -lavender

Juicy Bag - Juicy Couture Inspired Studded Hobo -lavender
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The original "hobo" bag was a large bandana containing the life's possessions of a hobo & he tied it to the end of a stick to carry it easily.
The pouch shape of today's "Hobo" bag is the only resemblance of that by-gone era.  
This posh beauty has 3 rows of studs marching up the front and decorating the upper edge of both of the"ropes" tying this lovely together...lots of studs and it looks terrific. 

The studs give this bag the look of a classy bag even though it can masquarade as a down-home bag. You'll find this is an every-occasion-bag, from church to the movies.
The top zips the whole bag closed & with the light colored lining you can find things. Two slip pockets are near the top as is the zipper pocket.

This is a medium sized bag with a soft body and is the perfect candidate for a purse organizer. Go to our 'Accessories Galore' Tab to choose one. A purse organizer gives a soft bodied bag stability, we recommend the Purseket Drop-in or the Joey Junior Mini for this bag. 
    Juicy Couture Inspired Studded Hobo
*Soft PU Faux Leather Hobo Bag
*Top Zipper Closure
*Double Shoulder Straps w/9" Drop.
*Durable Lining..Beige w/tiny Brown Dots
*Interior Zip Pocket, 2 Slip Pockets
*Silver Toned Hardware

*Materials: PU Leather  
     (PU: thin layer of genuine leather laminated to polyurethane)
Measurements:  Medium Bag
(L) 15'' x (H) 13'' x (W) 7''
MSRP: $138.95

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