Handbag Organizer - Loaded Lady Insert - Large -Lime

Handbag Organizer - Loaded Lady Insert - Large -Lime

Handbag Organizer - Loaded Lady Insert - Large -Lime
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This removable organizer insert fits large purses with an 11" minimum opening x 8" minimum depth. The 7th pocket is 5.75" wide and has a velcroed flap which can be tucked behind the Loaded Lady® Insert when not needed. Bulky items, like wallets, makeup cases and day planners, sit in the middle of a clean purse.
Unique Features of this Product
 Loaded Lady Insert
*Find things quickly
*Change bags easily
*Roomy gusseted pockets expand
*Privacy Pocket w/Velcroed flap
*Key post keeps keys handy & in sight
*Gives shape and body to soft sided, floppy bags
*Makes room in the center of the bag
*Can expand or shrink to fit each bag exactly
*Can be reversed from pockets in to pockets out
*36" long x 8" at top of key keeper post
*Materials: Polyester Laminated to Vinyl
*Unit is Hand Washable..DO NOT Dryclean
Measurements:  (L) 36'' x (H) 8'' x (W) .5''
Lime w/ Fuchsia Dots
MSRP: $24.95

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