Kangaroo Organizer
Kangaroo Keeper - Handbag Organizer-Set of 2

Kangaroo Keeper - Handbag Organizer-Set of 2

Kangaroo Keeper - Handbag Organizer-Set of 2
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With room for up to 70 items, the Kangaroo Organizer has a place for everything and everything has its place!

•This incredible bag insert is loaded with pockets and pouches that make it easy to find your cell phone, sunglasses, makeup, keys and more...there's even a slot for your umbrella and water bottle!

•The roomy center area is perfect for wallets and larger items...or..inset the smaller Kangaroo for even more pockets!

•Changing purses takes forever if you have a lot of things, but with the Kangaroo Organizer you keep everything with you...so switching bags to match an outfit is a breeze.

•Simply grab the entire organizer and move it from one purse to another; you'll never leave anything behind again!

•Plus the Kangaroo Organizer is reversible, so you can switch the pockets to the outside to have more room on the inside.

•Includes a drawstring on both sides of the pouch and a clip to secure it inside your bag or purse.

•Each set of 2 includes a large (13" x 6.5" x 3") and a medium (10" x 6.25" x 3") Kangaroo Organizer.

•Made of polyester.

•Black, Tan

MSRP: $35.95

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