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We all know that a really beautiful handbag is pretty much a luxury and NOT a necessity to life.
However, I saw no reason that a gorgeous handbag had to cost a month's wage, (to say nothing of the guilt for spending so much for it.)  So...when I discovered the world of designer replica bags & designer inspired bags at low prices, if I bought them in quantities, I knew I could fill a real need in the Fashion Handbag world of my friends, family and women everywhere.

So please come on in and browse around. The chances are very good you'll find the perfect bag you've been seeking. And...our Customer Service is only a phone call or email away.  It's our #1 focus.

Graffiti Wallet - Graffiti Designer Inspired Wallet -multiGraffiti Wallet - Graffiti Designer Inspired Wallet -multi
MSRP: $55.95
Shoulder Bag - Zebra Bag  -blk & whtShoulder Bag - Zebra Bag -blk & wht
MSRP: $182.95
Spy Bag - Designer Replica Spy Bag -silverSpy Bag - Designer Replica Spy Bag -silver
MSRP $147.95
Tiger Bag - Tiger Stripe Handbag -bronzeTiger Bag - Tiger Stripe Handbag -bronze
MSRP: $135.95
Floral Handbag -burgundyFloral Handbag -burgundy
MSRP $126.95
Michael Kors Inspired Hampton Bag -whiteMichael Kors Inspired Hampton Bag -white
MSRP: $139.95
Flower Handbag - Flower Purse -redFlower Handbag - Flower Purse -red
MSRP $125.95
Gift Card for Bags - $50Gift Card for Bags - $50
Bowler Handbag - Valentino Licensed by Serendipity -pinkBowler Handbag - Valentino Licensed by Serendipity -pink
MSRP: $196.95
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Bags Bags & More Bags has prices so affordable you can give bags as gifts to friends & family!

I created Bags Bags & More Bags as an online store, since I already had the experience of creating a Perfume site years earlier. A web store isn't very different from a brick-and-mortar store, in the aspect of keeping things running.  The tuning and tweaking of online processes, images and copy (product descriptions), and of course, marketing, can be likened to the housekeeping and inventory management done inside a store on the street.

Cheap handbags can be found everywhere these days. Even your local drugstore may have a section selling bags.
The old saying, "you get what you pay for" is especially true of ladies bags.
Therefore, if you bypass the Target, Kohls & other retail stores, 9 times out of ten you can find a better value online.

I've learned a great deal about the materials, construction & design that makes for a great bag, in both its looks and value. I am rather particular and will not sell a bag that I would not carry myself...in the right color, of course.

Thank you for visiting our website..we truly appreciate your time...And...would love to hear your feedback. Tell us what you think of BagsBagsAndMoreBags.com.

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Lady B
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